Bedrooms, Bedroom Furniture & Dressing Rooms


When you step into your bedroom, you step away from the world around you. It’s where you focus on yourself alone, earning rest, self-care and rejuvenation. More so than any other room, you can use it as a location to wipe the slate clean each evening and leave a new person.

When it’s created especially for you, it becomes a haven with everything precisely where it should be – and it’s those kind of results on offer at Minerva, where we put together bedrooms and bedroom furniture to bring you total satisfaction and peace.

And with a focus on imagination and innovation, we use our cutting-edge design process to show you just how spectacular your finished bedroom and bedroom furniture could look, before our expert installation team gets to work.


Wardrobes are the most common type of bedroom storage. However they can be designed to offer the maximum storage, combining shelving and hanging space or other storage designs. Contact us to discuss your options.


Beds, cupboards and dressing tables are just a few items of furniture that can be produced by us. We can create these either to the same designs, or cleverly contrast. Contact us to discuss your options.


We can craft your furniture in a wide range of materials. Either engineered products designed to hold an outstanding paint finish, through to beautiful hardwoods that require only a coat of lacquer to protect and increase their allure.


From traditional chrome hanging rails, through to innovative pull out designs. Minerva can design storage to our clients exact specifications to the highest possible quality. Contact us to discuss your options.

At Minerva, nothing is impossible. We will, and can, design anything to suit any space. Bespoke bedroom furniture is unique to your. There are no pre-made solutions, we’ll create something as unique as you are.

Contact us today and our team will take your ideas, mix it with our own and fabricate something that both you and we can be proud of.