Utilities & Bootroom

Industrious areas need a level of quality to perform the hard day to day tasks thrown at them and still shine come the end of the day. Minerva can produce tough, yet attractive furniture for all serviceable rooms.

At Minerva, we understand how important your utility rooms and bootrooms are. We can make them into functional and stylish extensions of your home.

Utility Room Options

Here at Minerva, we can extend the future designs of your kitchen into your utility and bootrooms to blend seamlessly. We can design in free standing or intergrated appliances, as well as clever storage solutions. To discuss your options, please contact us so we can further advise.

Boot Room Options

Boot rooms are designed around our clients spaces and requirements. We can incorporate useful storage areas, seating areas and hanging racks into the rooms. Designed to acheive a beautiful space that still meets the functional needs required.

Utility rooms need resilience and simplicity, so that even after a hard day of use, they still stay looking modern, clean and refined. When Minerva handle your requirements for practical and functional rooms, we provide a range of installations and integrated appliances that perform to the highest standards whatever you use them for.

First, we’ll take a look at the location of your utility area and suggest ways to make the designs unified and stunning.


This might include innovative, integrated storage. Or perhaps a selection of freestanding appliances and units to suit all your requirements. Whatever the size and shape of your utility or bootroom, we’ll bring it to life with intelligent decisions.

Once the design stage is complete, our technicians fully install and fit each part of your new, fit-for-purpose utility space. Using only the finest quality materials chosen specifically by you, and top-of-the-range appliances trusted in homes across the country, our utility rooms manage to do the job and look good at the same time.

Got a dream bathroom or utility room? Contact Minerva today for a competitive quote on the finest interior solutions, however ambitious you are.