Located in Stoke Edith, a small village between Ledbury and Hereford, our showroom has been built to display our full range of current kitchen designs.   It was built to inspire you. To use as a guide to help you discover your dream kitchen. You are welcome to visit the showroom via an appointment. We [...]
Milan Inspired by its influence in the world of fashion and design, the Milan range is one of our flagship styles.  Using only natural materials, this kitchen is crafted by shaping and moulding stone to create a striking finish on the doors. The unique features of this range are the hidden handle recess, and the [...]
Tuscany In this volume, we will focus on the "Tuscany" range, which contains the beautiful and striking grain pattern that makes it one of our most unique designs. The doors and panels are all made from oak, so the rustic aesthetic is something that we strive to ascertain throughout the manufacturing process. To learn more [...]
Hello everyone. We at Minerva would like to extend to you the links to our social media pages. By following us, you can see the various stages of development for most of our handmade projects, as well as some of the beautiful locations that we get to work in around the county and further afield. [...]
Welcome to the Annals, which will be the home of our new series of volumes that will provide you with updates from us here at Minerva Designs. Due to the unforeseen circumstances of a global pandemic, our surge in enquiries has meant that we are now taking bookings into 2021. However, you are still welcome [...]