As standard we use sustainably sourced oak for our drawer boxes, if required traditionally jointed with dovetail joints, this adds a level quality and character that presents itself every time you open a drawer, only matched by the whisper silent close of the soft close systems fitted as standard. A beautiful blend of tradition and cutting-edge design.

Drawers are another dimension to add your own mark to your kitchen or furniture, a depth of customisable design that can only be realised by truly bespoke craftsmen. Minerva can source any hardwood for your drawer boxes, from the exotic purple tinged wenge, to the chocolate hue’s of American black walnut. Oak is our standard choice for it’s solid hard wearing properties, which can be stained to suit all designs.

Our drawer boxes are unmarred by the mechanical working that enable them to glide seamlessly from their frames and close silently when shut. Under the aesthetically chosen hardwood, works a German top quality runner, with a lifetimes worth of opening and closing guarantee protecting your investment.