Fitted Furniture

Minerva specialise in fabricating and installing fitted furniture.

Fitted furniture can be designed to the dimensions of any property, with a design to match your existing home furnishings or something new and exciting. We will always consider any ideas with regards to furniture, regardless or shape or storage design.


Every home has individual features, nooks and crannies, alcoves and recesses. Bespoke shelving can transform a featureless wall into an eye catching characteristic, and a useful place to store belongings. Shelving comes in a range of handmade designs; brackets in different shapes and styles, or floating for a clean modern appearance. As always with Minerva, we’ll offer a wide selection of materials and finishes to choose from.


Over time people accumulate ‘stuff’; possessions they hold on to for memories or occasional use when required. All these items can mount up to an uncontrollable need for storage. We can make bespoke cabinetry to fit in any area of the home, including any number of innovative storage inserts and options. Everything you need hidden behind beautiful furniture and easily accessible when required.

Window seats & benches

Occasional seating transforms empty window reveals into delightful spaces, inspiring socialising and comfort they make luxury additions to a period sitting room as much as they add a friendly welcoming feel to kitchens. Storage can be incorporated beneath the seat or into the design.

Media units

Whether it be do display a luxury home cinema system or looking for a way to hide the television from your living room, media units can be designed to achieve the required function, as well a look and size required. Selecting from a vast bank of techniques and materials, enable us to create your furniture from contemporary matt grey designs to traditional limed oak shaker styles and everything in between.

fitted furniture

Your perfect selections of furniture, installations and interior options are all here at Minerva – fulfilled by our in-house specialists for your peace-of-mind. Got a dream home? Get in touch online today, or call 01432 890 602 to schedule a visit to your property.