Freestanding Furniture

Minerva can craft bespoke freestanding furniture to your designs or to seamlessly blend with your existing Minerva products.

Creating freestanding furniture offers more room for creativity. We aren’t restricted by space, instead we’re creating a piece of furniture that can be moved over time.

We can design and fabricate several freestanding pieces to work together as one or to dot about a room for consistency. Whatever your requirements and vision, our team of craftsman can create for you. Both timeless, stylish and functional, we guarantee you’ll be happy with the result.


A beautiful dining table can be commissioned in any timber and to your exact size. Designed so it will fit perfectly in your room & seat the correct amount of people.


Fancy a change? The beauty of a freestanding cupboard is you can move it whereever you want it. Not only this, but it can move with you. We can design your cupboards to contact drawers, shelves or different storage solutions.

Coffee Tables

A coffee table / occasional table can be commissioned in any timber & to your exact size to fit perfectly in your room. We are always looking for new & exciting projects so please let us know if you require any free standing furniture.