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Our skilled craftsman handmaking a kitchen in our Herefordshire workshop.


Buying a kitchen isn't on the weekly shopping list, so we've put together a guide of our process to help you understand how we work.

Our skilled kitchen designers provide plans for our clients to finalise their kitchen designs.


Start your design journey by meeting one of our designers in our showroom.

After your first chat, we will start your journey with an initial drawing accompanied by an estimate. Our team will work with you to develop your project and produce 3D renders of your final design. To find out more about our design service click below.

Our CAD technician will visit our client's home to take detailed site measurements for the kitchen to be crafted in our Herefordshire workshop.


Once all your decisions have been made and plans have been finalised, we will start the process of turning your design into reality.

Our experienced CAD technician will visit your home with his bag of lasers and levels to take detailed site measurements, as well as survey the space.

A full set of detailed plans and elevations will be produced and sent over to the workshop to craft your kitchen.

Our skilled craftsman is handmaking bespoke drawer boxes for our kitchens in our Herefordshire workshop.


This is the part where the magic happens.

Our highly skilled team will take the final plans and start sawing, cutting, planing, sanding, dovetailing, and seamlessly handcrafting your cabinets to perfection.

Once painted we prep your cabinetry for its new home. On average our workshop process can take two weeks before being ready for installation.


Each project we work with is unique and can involve multiple trades, which is why we aim to make your experience as seamless as possible. Our process is four straightforward stages; design, measure, craft, and fit. Your designer will guide you through each step, keep scrolling to find out about each of our stages.

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The Coddington kitchen was fitted and installed by our team of fitters. The handmade cabinetry is assembled together at our clients property without the worktops.


From workshop to home. Our trained and experienced fitters will deliver and install your kitchen. On average it can take up to two weeks to fully fit your project, including a specialist team fitting your worktops.

Fitting by our team is optional, however highly recommended. No matter how good at fitting flat-pack furniture you are, there is no wiggle room for error and we wouldn't want you to damage your new kitchen.

If you have chosen our team to fit your kitchen, all of our handmade cabinets come with a 15-year guarantee.


Seeing our craftsmanship in photographs does not compare to experiencing our kitchens in real life. Book an appointment to see our cabinetry and speak to one of our designers about your project. Not only will you get to see our cabinetry but also where the magic happens. Click below to book your appointment.

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