Ferrara, a renowned heritage city that shares it’s cultural importance with that of the shaker design that it is based on. The clean, ageless lines of the Ferrara inspire creativity with colours and materials. The blank canvas which so many of our designs are based on, is in it’s own right our most popular furniture style.

Design & Construction

A traditional shaker without decoration, doors can be overlaid, however more commonly our Ferrara design sit in frame, each framework leg stretched to the floor, creating the look a handcrafted furniture look; exactly what it is.

This range is incredible adaptable, careful colour selection can create either an elegant statement or a clean lined, fresh modern look. While an impressive appearance can be achieved with hardwoods such as oak, ash or walnut

The Ferrara’s standard look offers a low profile plinth board set far back, however the legs can be raised to allow clean plinth lines to sail through, or a tradition skirting board can be used to complete a different look. Every Minerva design can be customised.

Minerva; bespoke designs, creating an individual perfection.