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The Letton kitchen is handmade modern kitchen design. It has slate veneered slab doors and a white worktop.



The Letton kitchen had one requirement - to be waterproof. The property that the Letton kitchen is in is subject to flooding with heavy rainfall which has in fact flooded the home several times, so our task was to craft a kitchen that is able to withstand water and easily remove all of the client's belongings so they don't get destroyed. However you might be thinking, just use wall cabinets - the space of the kitchen didn't allow for wall cabinets. But all is not lost, we understood the assignment and crafted our Letton kitchen using waterproof materials. The design was very mindful of creating doors so they can be easily removed. Mission complete! Scroll to see our gallery.



The Letton kitchen is crafted in our Milan Collection with slate veneered slab doors design featuring a Glacier Quartz worktop.

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