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A trip to the Coddington kitchen

This week I thought I would share our most recent trip out of the office, which was to the Coddington kitchen and what also transpired to be my first time seeing one of our Minerva kitchens in a client's home.

I have been working at Minerva for around a month and a half now, and although I've seen how our kitchens are handmade in our workshop, I had never seen one in person at a client's home. It's safe to say; that it is something I've been eager to see since I started!

The Coddington kitchen was crafted some time ago now. Our clients undertook a large extension onto their old school house, which is now their beautiful new kitchen. The process was a couple of years in the making, but it was definitely worth the wait.

Although the original photos of the completed kitchen were taken when it was initially crafted, we decided to go back to capture some video footage for an exciting new Minerva video. The Coddington kitchen is a popular choice regarding kitchen inspiration, so it was a no-brainer to feature it in our new video.

Upon entering, even though I had seen many photos, I was taken aback by how even more beautiful it is in person. I was also pleasantly surprised to see not only a Minerva kitchen but a Minerva dining table we also handmade for them, which compliments the room perfectly.

With breathtaking views stretching from the Malvern Hills to Hay Bluff, the kitchen is the perfect setting to host friends, cook a Sunday roast, or sit sipping your morning coffee.

The island is emphasised as the kitchen's centrepiece by the strip lighting, hanging pendant lights, and multi-functional features. The hob and white worktop provides the perfect place to prepare and cook dinner, yet the integrated wine cooler and bar stools make it a lovely spot to sit and chat about your day over a cold glass of white wine.

What became apparent to me was how bespoke the kitchen is, with little added touches here and there to make it a kitchen ideally suited to our clients. A few features that stood out to me were the island drawer specifically made with USB charging points, oak shelving where our clients keep cookery books and decorative ornaments, a bi-folding counter cupboard and the handmade larder fitted with ample storage space and a spice rack. What more could you possibly need?

After capturing our video footage, it was time to say farewell to the Coddington kitchen, and I can confidently say I was left feeling quite envious!

I certainly can't wait to see more of our client's Minerva kitchens, and I look forward to sharing more Minerva adventures soon.



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