All about colours

When undergoing the process of having a new kitchen, the number of choices to make can seem never-ending. At Minerva, we understand making decisions can be overwhelming, and one of the most tricky decisions is what colour cabinetry to choose? This is why we introduced our own Minerva colour palette, boasting 40 colour choices. Whether you want a bold, statement kitchen or a more neutral, classic design, we have you covered. Click here to explore our paint palette, from cool greys to bright yellows and many in between!

Although we have introduced our Minerva colour palette, choosing between 40 colours can still be difficult, you may not know where to start! So I have done a little research to make it a little easier for you...

When considering what colour to have your cabinetry, a good starting point would be what style and ambience you want to achieve and the room size. Different colour shades can affect both these elements significantly!

Firstly, have you ever heard of Pantone's colour of the year forecast? It's a trendsetting concept for branding, marketing and the creative society as a whole, and its yearly colour announcements have been taking place since the year 2000. The colour of the year for 2022 is a new colour called 'Very Peri' - a lovely periwinkle blue with a violet red undertone. This is the first time in their yearly forecasts that a new colour has been created, and we think it's beautiful. Although we adore this colour, the interior design industry also features other popular colours. Check the top three kitchen colours below.

Photo showing the colour of Pantones colour of the year. It is called Very Peri and it is a lovely periwinkle blue with a violet red undertone.
Pantone 2022 colour of the year - 'Very Peri'


It seems as if green may be the new grey, becoming increasingly popular throughout people's homes. On average, Pinterest searches for green kitchens have increased by 19%!

Greens come in various shades; whether you prefer a dark forest green or a lighter mint tone, you are bound to find a shade to suit, darker shades of green pair lovely with brass and copper accessories. Our Minerva paint palette has a forest green shade called Aurora 240, the cabinetry colour for the vibrant Ledbury Barn kitchen paired with American copper handles.

Don't you think the combination works perfectly together?

Photo of the Ledbury barn kitchen. It has green cabinetry with a green centre island surrounded by LED strip lighting. The kitchen features a striking white worktop.
The Ledbury barn kitchen


Beautiful blues are a popular choice for the whole cabinetry or work well as a statement piece within the kitchen without being too overpowering. Our clients from the Donnington kitchen opted for a blue island to create a statement centrepiece. The colour they chose was bespoke matched to their Everhot, and we love the deep blues against our Fortuna 380.

No matter the shade, blue creates a sense of tranquillity in the room.

Photo of the Donnington kitchen, featuring neutral cabinetry and a blue statement island.
The Donnington kitchen


It's all about the neutral colours. They are timeless and very popular with clients wanting to keep a simple design yet create a homely, warm feeling in their kitchen. What we love about neutral kitchen cabinetry is that it can allow you to explore pops of colour and patterns in other areas. Whether you want a colourful splashback or patterned floor tiling, it can work exceptionally well with a neutral kitchen.

Our clients from the Manuka cottage did precisely that. They paired their beautiful cream kitchen, in colour Somnus 050, with gorgeous blue patterned wall tiling to give the kitchen a playful pop of colour whilst still keeping the classic design.

Photo is showing the Manuka cottage kitchen. it has neutral cabinetry with colourful blue splash back tiling on the wall.
The Manuka cottage kitchen

Are you still feeling unsure of which colour to choose? Our showroom features our kitchen collections in various colours to inspire you. Or why not head to our projects page to look at our clients' combinations.

Colour can change quite significantly in specific lighting, so we always recommend taking a selection of our colour swatches home to see your chosen colour(s) in your space. Our experienced designers will be more than happy to help and work with you along your journey to make each decision as seamless as possible.

I hope you've enjoyed today's read, and I can't wait to see what colour cabinetry we craft next.

Thanks for reading,