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The Eaton Bishop Kitchen

On one of the only sunny days in December I was out of the office and on my way to photographing my second Minerva kitchen – I was honestly just as excited as my first visit. One because it was a trip out of the office (who doesn’t love a trip out!) but two I find it so satisfying to see the end result after months of planning, designing, measuring and crafting.

I think the excitement comes from the unknown. All of my colleagues have had to visit our client at one point or another during their Minerva journey but for me I am at the very start of their journey (usually with a phone call or showroom visit) and the very end. I think being so blind to the project and seeing snips of designs (maybe the odd cabinet or two when I venture into the workshop) makes the final reveal that little extra special.

This visit I ended up heading to Eaton Bishop. After driving through the country roads and missing the turning (oops! I’m putting this down to being so excited…) I pull into the driveway of this amazing new build. Turns out T & S (our clients’) are the owners of Vision BD, who develop and build homes, and this was T’s own self-build.

Whilst the home wasn’t finished and there was still a little bit of work to do for the front, the home was looking amazing and was a completely unique design, so I understood straight away why T & S wanted a bespoke handmade kitchen.

Now most homes have their kitchens downstairs. But not this one. With the stunning views for miles (it was so pretty and peaceful) the house was designed to be upside down with floor to ceiling windows so the family could enjoy the views, and I could see why. The kitchen was certainly a statement piece in a wonderful self-built home. The dark cabinets twinned with the oak beams and white walls perfectly balance the light in the room.

This house was built to be a home. With three little girls ruing the roost the kitchen was made to be family friendly, easily accessible and perfect for a growing family of five. Not only is it designed for the family but both T & S love to entertain and host guests which is why an island is great for being a breakfast bar in the morning, a table for doing homework, a worktop for baking and a bar for making drinks for the evening!

I think my favourite part is the unique spice racks built as drawers.

Not only have we fitted T & S’s kitchen but a few months later we’re going back to also build their utility. We’ll update when it’s all finished!

Here’s what T & S said in their review:

There service is excellent bringing out the box ideas and nothing was too much trouble. One of their many excelling points was the turnaround time as our project was on a deadline and they delivered on all their excellent standards of service!

Can't wait for adventure No. 3!

Soph x

Take a look below for the final shots of the kitchen.


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