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The Ledbury Kitchen

Today’s blog is all about my visit to The Ledbury Kitchen - and what a dream it is!

With being relatively new to Hereford I actually hadn’t ventured into Ledbury yet (perhaps drove through but I probably wouldn’t have even realised! Oops!) I really enjoyed my first visit as it’s such a lovely location and I certainly will do some more exploring when I get the chance.

The Ledbury Kitchen has been a long time coming, over the years our client made small adjustments over time to get the look and style of the kitchen to their liking first. Their ultimate goal has always been to purchase a handmade kitchen. After a few years of living with the original plan and tinkering with the design of their kitchen, they decided to not only refresh the kitchen, including walls and flooring, but to also expand the space.

Our clients actually had gone to our top competitors to look for their new kitchen, however for one reason or another they ended up looking again for bespoke kitchen companies and luckily found us - and didn’t look back.

Upon walking into their open plan area, which now was home to the kitchen, snug and dining room, it was just a ‘wow’ moment. With all the appliances integrated and freshly cut daffodils on the side, it was just the perfect dream kitchen!

Whilst I see a few designs along our clients journey I always love seeing the final result in person. Not only is it interesting to see the final product and how all the work behind the scenes goes into crafting a lasting kitchen. But I love to see how our client’s layout their kitchen and all the elements they put in it. Our clients had chosen our Bologna collection, designed from a traditional shaker kitchen but with the added detail of pencil beading for a touch of timeless elegance.

My favourite section has to be the run of cabinetry at the back of the kitchen. It has a seamlessly integrated hob and hidden extractor fan. It blends together nicely without the big bulky appliances.

I loved all the little details within the kitchen, especially the LED lighting that was under all of their wall cabinets. However, what I liked the most was the beaded end panels. Not only were they on the peninsula and end of the cabinetry but the detail was on the sides of the extractor housing that connected to the run of wall cabinets. It really added that extra touch of elegance without being too striking for the kitchen design.

With the beautiful contrast of the dark grey kitchen and light walls, bright windows and limestone flooring, the kitchen nicely balances the contrast of such a bright room.

Take a look below to see all of the photos from my photoshoot at The Ledbury Kitchen.

On my next adventure I will be heading to Stoke Prior! Can’t wait to tell you all about it.




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