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The Much Cowarne Kitchen

My role as Marketing Executive started with Minerva in November 2020 which meant that I didn’t get to see some of the previous kitchens that the team have crafted. So, I wanted to do a little throwback each week to share some of our previous projects!

I wanted to kick off with one of our throwback favourites with the Much Cowarne Kitchen! After finally managing to pin the guys down to hear all about the project, it makes so much sense why we love this kitchen and why it was designed and built the way it is.

Here’s a little background info!

Our client's home is a barn conversion, which meant a lovely open plan space to be able to have a such a stunning kitchen. However, the twist in this property is that the kitchen is upstairs. Living in such a serene and calming area surrounded by rolling hills of Herefordshire’s countryside means it is not the first property that I have come across to be an ‘upside-down home’. I think it is a brilliant idea as you can make the most of the views instead of just seeing them in the morning and at night.

The kitchen was certainly designed around a love for cooking, and it is apparent in the design of where everything is placed.

With having two small humans running around, an island is a great way to entertain the children at one end of the island whilst also being able to prep and cook dinner at the other end.

Whilst I didn’t take any of the final images of this kitchen, it is very apparent that is completely tailored to the family. In particular, I simply love the island. The teal colour matched with the oak worktop pops and works so well! I think it’s also because teal is my favourite colour, so it was only natural that I just fell in love with the kitchen.

Anyway, back to the island. Islands always fascinate me; I always used to think they were just extra cupboard space and quite honestly, I used to find them a little bit boring. But since being educated (quite a lot) about all thing’s handmade kitchens, I think they are such an amazing addition to the kitchen.

The Much Cowarne island is not just used for a breakfast bar and additional drawer and cupboard storage but it has this stunning shelving at the end, deep enough for casserole dishes and pots and pans. The buck doesn’t stop there, it also features shelving for all the all-important cooking books and an integrated mini fridge. Each kitchen I visit always shows me a different potential of how a kitchen can be and how people have different likes and priorities within their kitchen.

The design of the kitchen is also so simple, but it certainly isn’t simple behind the doors. This kitchen is a perfect example of a traditional style that has been fused with modern technology. It allows our client the simplistic style of a shaker kitchen yet the modern usability to help with our clients’ busy lives of running a house and having two small humans.

With push-to-open chopping boards, deep pan drawers with secret drawers, integrated bin, integrated fridge, washing machine, larder and corner solution pull-out, there really is more to this kitchen that meets the eye.

Oh! And I can’t forget about the under LED strip lighting for the shelving.

Whilst this kitchen really does have it all, it’s only now when I am looking back over that it has dawned on me that there are no wall cabinets and to be honest, I think that is such a good choice.

I really do wish I had seen this kitchen in person as it really does have it all. I can’t wait to explore (digitally) and find out about our next throwback kitchen from the guys.




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