‘What don’t you want?!’

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks here at the Minerva roost, with lots of visitors to our showroom post lockdown. This concentration of footfall has highlighted some common themes in client behaviour - and an appreciation of the world’s grumpiest waitress!

Apart from starting a conversation about a new kitchen, the over-riding need that people had was to touch something real. Our website does a pretty good job, but nothing can replace actually getting your hands on a physical product – especially a handcrafted one. It seems there is a shelf-life for digital-only retail…

But the main observation was seeing the change in energy during each visit. Full of expectation and excitement to start with, then everyone hits the wall after about an hour when they realise a kitchen is the most complex room in the house and a thousand decisions will need to be made!

If you start with ‘I want this and I want that and I need three of those and definitely some of that too’ and each item has 50 possible options, suddenly the numbers start to stack up. You are then swamped, drowning in possibilities and the fun of a new kitchen has been killed off by a tsunami of decisions.

So how does a grumpy old waitress fit into this story? In the film Hell or High Water, two sheriffs tracking down two bank-robbing brothers set up a stake-out in a sleepy town diner. The old waitress approaches and instead of the usual welcome she barks at them ‘So what don’t you want?!’

The lead sheriff, played by Jeff Bridges, is floored ‘Pardon?’

‘What don’t you want?’ She continues opening her arms in disbelief

‘Errr, well…’

‘You know I been working here 44 years, aint nobody ever ordered nothing but T-bone steak and baked potato’

The ‘ordering’ continues as they inevitably choose the steak and potato ‘option’.

The script was nominated for an Oscar and has been a source of light-hearted inspiration when discussing customer service. Perhaps if you start with the simple question ‘what don’t you want?’ you might just get to the answer of what goes into your new kitchen that little bit easier.

Karl - Lead Designer at Minerva