Tasked with the toughest jobs, holding your investment in place through time and carefully storing your possessions, carcasses provide an imperative role within the functionality of a piece of furniture. For this task Minerva uses as standard either a moisture resistant plywood, which can be painted an accent colour to act as a feature, or birch plywood which is lacquered to forever seal and protect the inspiring grain patterning.

We source from the latest in natural and engineered product available for our carcass materials, our usual choice is plywood due to the structural integrity of this tried and tested product. Birch plywood is a fantastic quality product, which also comes with an optional oak veneer for a truly prestigious look, this can be stained unique and exciting colours for an individual design.

Every carcass is individual, made to suit the space and requirements of our clients, this sets Minerva apart from the competition. Our truly bespoke approach, relies on the years of experience from our master craftsman to form the perfect kitchen for every space regardless of quirky room sizes or shapes, maximising storage and design.