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Our skilled craftsman is handmaking the drawer boxes for our kitchens in our Herefordshire workshop.


Discover how we go from design to kitchen, and find out all things Minerva by heading behind the scenes.


There is a lot that happens behind the scenes in crafting a bespoke kitchen, so we created this section for you to explore and discover all things, Minerva. Read about the latest news and projects in our journal, be inspired by our paint palette of Minerva's colours, understand handmade, explore how we work and more. 


We love to showcase our projects so you can see real-life kitchens that we've made for our clients. Not only can you see what our different collections look like but you can get inspired by the colour and material combinations. Take a peek at some of our project by clicking below.


We work with you to create your handmade kitchen. We listen, ask and inspire, to create a design bespoke for you and your space. Find out more about our design service and how we work by clicking below.


Dive into our journal to read all about Minerva. We like to share our latest ventures out of the office, design knowledge and tips from our team. Click below to have a read.

Our skilled craftsman handmaking a bespoke kitchen in our Herefordshire workshop.


We understand the upheaval it takes to change your kitchen. Whether it's a renovation or you're building a new home, it's never as simple as it sounds. Our process is four steps, keeping the process as simple and stressfree as possible for you. Click to find out about our four steps.


The world of colours is infinitesimal (we're not over-exaggerating!) so we thought we'd make it a little easier...

Introducing Minerva's Paint Palette. With 40 colours to choose from we have cool greys and navy blues to sunshine yellows and deep reds. Click below to see our full range of Minerva colours.


Click below to find out about how we care about the environment and what we do to care for our environment. 


It's no secret that handmade kitchens come with a larger cost, but is the price tag as much as you thought? 

Each space and cabinetry specification is different, so we've put together some example layouts and pricing of our average specification. For an exact estimate for your space, please speak to one of our designers.


Simply put, our handmade kitchens are individual for you. From the day we design to the day we fit. We design and craft cabinetry to fit your space. Click below to find out more about how we craft your kitchen.

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