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a birds eye view of a big green forest with varying shades of green


We care about the planet, which is why we are conscious of how we craft our kitchens. We are constantly striving to make changes and help create a greener future.

three metal paint pots on a panelled wooden board, one paint pot is filled with a light blue paint, another is filled with a baby pink paint and the other contains a pastel purple paint


We made the greener choice by ensuring all our paints and finishes are water-based. Water-based paints emit fewer VOCs, meaning they are safer for the environment and your health; they are also more durable and longer-lasting, which is ideal for us because it allows us to fulfil our promise of a '15 year guarantee on your kitchen. 

Our customers are provided with a "Care and Maintenance" guide when their kitchen is finished, and they receive a small pot of 'touch-up paint' that matches their cabinetry colour, so when a touch-up is required, you have everything necessary. And if ten years later, our customers decide to re-paint their kitchen; the original water-based paint makes this process simple and easy. 

 large stack of logs that have been FSC approved


FSC stands for 'Forest Stewardship Council'; they are an international, non-governmental organisation that promotes responsible management of the world's forests. Our local wood merchant in Pontrialis is FSC-approved, which confirms that their forest is being managed to preserve biological diversity and benefit the lives of local people and workers while ensuring economic viability. 


With an FSC-approved merchant providing our materials, we know our kitchens are crafted with ethically sourced materials, and we are supporting an environmentally conscious business. Also, because our wood is locally sourced, we can reduce transportation emissions by travelling a short distance to retrieve our materials. 

a large row of solar panels angled up to a clear blue sky with a few white clouds in the distance


Our workshops are the hub of our business. Everything happens there, from cutting, sizing and sanding our wood to priming, painting and composing our bespoke kitchens. A lot of hard work and pride goes into our craftsmanship, but all this work requires electricity. 


50% of our workshop electricity is powered by the sun, with a field of solar panels alongside the business park. Solar panels are a renewable energy source and don't produce greenhouse gases, making them the best choice of green energy for our workshops.

Our skilled craftsman is handmaking the drawer boxes for our kitchens in our Herefordshire workshop.


Our cabinetry is handmade and created in our workshops with great care and pride; we use various techniques and materials to ensure our kitchens are crafted to the highest quality and built to last. A traditional technique we always use with our cabinetry is Dovetailing. This technique ensures longevity and strength in every piece of cabinetry we craft, so we are always confident in our 15-year guarantee. 

Yes, you read that correctly, a 15-year guarantee on all of our kitchens! Because of this guarantee and our high-quality techniques and materials, we can create amazing, sustainable kitchens for every home. 

a white kitchen in our bologna collection with delicate handles sourced locally


We know that every bit of material we use to craft your bespoke kitchen has been provided to us by a local company; All of our wood comes from our local wood merchants based in Pontrialis, our paint and lacquer are all made in Birmingham, and your kitchen accessories, such as taps and handles, are also found in Birmingham and Tewkesbury!


By supporting local businesses, we know that we have reduced the distance and time it takes for deliveries meaning fewer emissions are put out into the atmosphere, but there are many other sustainable benefits to supporting local businesses; for example, by supporting the local communities, we create more job opportunities and encourage local prosperity!

our bespoke walnut shelving with integrated LED lighting, creating a unique feature


LED lights have a much smaller carbon footprint, and greenhouse gas emissions associated with LED lights are considerably lower than conventional lighting; They are also more energy-efficient, conserving up to 80% more energy than traditional lighting, such as fluorescent and incandescent.

There are many other advantages, such as reduced light pollution, no harmful chemicals and a longer life span. They are a much greener lighting choice that we are proud to offer with our bespoke kitchens.

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