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Our Process: From Design to Fitting

We understand the upheaval it takes to change your kitchen; whether it's a renovation to your property or you're building a new home, it's never as simple as it sounds. We aim to make your Minerva experience as seamless as possible, from your first design meeting to the final touches in your bespoke kitchen.

We have broken down Our Process into four straightforward stages: design, measure, craft, and fitting to give you an idea of your Minerva journey.


The first stage in every kitchen journey is design! Most of our clients start with a visit to our Canon Frome showroom. We ensure all our showroom appointments are private so you can explore what we do and decide if we are the right fit for you without anyone interfering.

One of our experienced designers will guide you around our showroom, explaining our kitchen collections, paint palette and bespoke details whilst answering any questions you may have!

Your showroom visit lets our designers discover what you want in a handmade, bespoke kitchen, from kitchen style and design layout to storage solutions and cabinetry colour. After your initial design meeting, our team will work with you to develop your project and produce 3D renders of your final design. Once you have settled on your initial kitchen design, we move on to our next steps!

a handmade, bespoke freestanding larder painted in a rich green cabinetry colour and paired with antique brass handles


Once all your decisions have been made and plans have been finalised, we will start turning your design into reality! Our experienced CAD technician will visit your home with his bag of lasers and levels to take detailed site measurements and survey the space.

Once we have all the site measurements, a complete set of detailed plans and elevations will be produced and sent to our Stoke Edith workshops, where our workshop team can begin crafting your kitchen!

a collection of tools and equipment laid out on an oak table


This is the part where the magic happens!

Our highly skilled team will take the final plans and start sawing, cutting, planing, sanding, dovetailing, and seamlessly handcrafting your cabinets to perfection! After your kitchen cabinetry has been crafted, it moves into our spray booth, where it all gets painted in your choice of cabinetry colour. Once painted, we prep your cabinetry for its new home!

On average, our workshop process can take two weeks before it is ready for installation.

one of our skilled workers sanding down a luxury piece of walnut wood by hand


From workshop to home. Our trained and experienced fitters will deliver and install your kitchen. On average, it can take up to two weeks to fully fit your project, including a specialist team installing your worktops.

Fitting by our team is optional; however, it is highly recommended. No matter how good at fitting flat-pack furniture you are, there is no wiggle room for error, and we want you to avoid damaging your new kitchen.

If you have chosen our team to fit your kitchen, all of our handmade cabinets come with a 15-year guarantee!

one of our handmade, bespoke kitchens in the process of being fitted into a stunning property

I hope you have enjoyed looking Behind-The-Scenes and seeing How We Work. If you want to learn more about Minerva, you can discover what we do to care for our environment on our Sustainability page or scroll through our pricing guide on our Let's Talk Money section.

Thanks for reading!

Laura x


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