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Seeing our craftsmanship in photographs does not compare to experiencing our kitchens in real life. Book an appointment to see our cabinetry and speak to one of our designers about your project. Not only will you get to see our cabinetry but also where the magic happens. Click below to book your appointment.

handmade bespoke modern kitchen painted in a dark blue colour and paited with rustic wooden handles



The Carey kitchen was crafted for a stunning, historical cottage hidden within the beautiful Herefordshire countryside. Surrounded by breathtaking views and endless wildlife, this property creates a serene environment that everyone craves. This project contains many bespoke features that we can't wait for you to see! The splash back behind the oven is an assortment of coloured glass and was crafted by our clients friend, our clients decided they wanted a unique splash back and what better choice! We integrated LED lighting behind the splash back to increase that 'wow' factor even more.

The two tall larders we crafted for either side of the original stone wall are a stunning display of our expert craftsmanship. Our joiners were able to expertly mould the side of the larders to the structure of the stone, creating a stunning fit and bespoke feature that leaves everyone amazed. 


The Carey Kitchen was crafted in our Molveno collection and painted in Hercules 150. Haefele Venus bar handles in Oak adorn the cabinetry and a combination of worktops was chosen to accentuate the creativity that flows through this space; an oak hardwood worktop was chosen for the statement island and Sensa Granite in the shade 'Vancouver' completes the main cabinetry run. 

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