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The Checkley is a kitchen design which shows the natural wood rather than having painted cabinetry. It features a Belfast sink and push-to-open chopping boards.



Our client spends a lot of time in Canada and absolutely loves the Canadian style, so he requested a natural oak kitchen,​ and that's exactly what we made - a handmade oak kitchen. The house itself is part of an old cottage with aged oak beams and low ceilings. The new extension had a large pillar in the middle of the open kitchen dining room. To utilise space, we created an island surrounding the pillar, allowing more worktop space for cooking and storage space for a bookshelf and integrated bin. Scroll below to take a tour of the Checkley kitchen. 


The Checkley kitchen was crafted in our Ferrara Collection; the main run of cabinetry is naturally lacquered and features Crofts & Assinder Iron cups, knobs and oval handles.

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