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Seeing our craftsmanship in photographs does not compare to experiencing our kitchens in real life. Book an appointment to see our cabinetry and speak to one of our designers about your project. Not only will you get to see our cabinetry but also where the magic happens. Click below to book your appointment.

a handmade, bespoke kitchen crafted in shaker-inspire design, painted in a smokey grey colour and paired with antique brass handles with many hidden bespoke features.



The Edgbaston Kitchen can be found in the heart of Birmingham, handcrafted for a beautiful period property. Cooking space was very important to our client; the whole family loves to cook, and sometimes there will be several people cooking at the same time! So worktop space was a key design aspect, along with multiple cooking stations.


This kitchen was handcrafted in our Bologna collection, a shaker-inspired design, but our clients wanted to have a more modern, industrial look for their space, so our design team got to work! The combination of grey cabinetry, walnut detailing and brushed bronze handles creates a very sleek, modern look, and there are many hidden features that compliment this design; for example, walnut shelving with LED lighting, hidden appliances, innovative storage spaces and many more. Scroll through our gallery below to explore The Edgbaston Kitchen further. 


The Birmingham Kitchen was handcrafted in our Bologna collection and painted in Vulcan 040, a classic shade of grey from Minerva's paint palette. Our client chose some stunning, brushed bronze bar handles from Crofts & Assinder to adorn their cabinetry and to complete their kitchen design our clients chose Nordic grey quartz for their island and cabinetry worktop. 

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