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Seeing our craftsmanship in photographs does not compare to experiencing our kitchens in real life. Book an appointment to see our cabinetry and speak to one of our designers about your project. Not only will you get to see our cabinetry but also where the magic happens. Click below to book your appointment.

handmade bespoke modern kitchen, in a deep blue cabinetry colour paired with satin nickel handles



The Hereford Kitchen was crafted for a gorgeous family home. The original part of the home was built before the 1900s and has plenty of character and history; for example, in some of the original bricks, you can still see finger grooves from when the builders put them in place! Our clients built a stunning extension on the back of their home to create an open-plan living space, and this is where you can find their beautiful bespoke kitchen. The Hereford kitchen is actually a hybrid of two of our modern collections! The Turin collection and the Molveno collection are what inspired this unique combination; our clients loved the push-to-open aesthetic of the Turin but wanted to include handles to provide detail and depth to the space, so our solution...have both!


Another bespoke feature of The Hereford kitchen is the height of the kitchen cabinets. Our clients didn't want the classic gap between the top of their cabinetry and the ceiling, so we crafted their kitchen to the full height of the space, resulting in a bespoke height and a gorgeous finish. Scroll through the gallery below to discover The Hereford Kitchen further...


The Hereford Kitchen was crafted in our Turin collection and our Molveno collection and then painted in Hercules 150 to complete the sleek, modern aesthetic. Satin nickel bar handles were styled throughout the kitchen, and the stunning Canaletto quartz was chosen for the island worktop, cabinetry worktop and splashback. 

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