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Classic Cabinetry Colours

Your kitchen cabinetry colour is a personal choice that should reflect your style and personality. We have crafted over 60 kitchens, and each design has been tailored to our client's homes and lifestyles, from minimalistic, neutral designs to colourful, creative cabinetry. 

With over 40 colours in our Paint Palette, we understand it can be overwhelming to find your favourite colour, so we decided to list our classic cabinetry colours. These timeless and elegant colours work well with any interior design, and you will love them for years to come!  

White and Cream

White and cream have been popular cabinetry colours for centuries. Cream is usually associated with the classic farmhouse kitchen, whereas white fits the sleek, modern kitchen design of the 80s. However, these colours are now frequently used with both Shaker and modern kitchen designs.

These cabinetry colours can make a space feel more open and brighter, giving off a clean, minimalistic vibe and making your kitchen feel more organised.

a handmade, bespoke modern kitchen with white cabinetry and exposed ash wood, featuring a waterfall worktop and bespoke details
The Elgar Kitchen - Milan Collection


Nature-inspired colours create soothing, natural-looking designs within any room in your home. This calming colour is perfect for kitchens, especially ones with a social environment! Green cabinetry is incredibly versatile, suiting our modern and shaker kitchen collections. 

Whether your style is light and airy or dark and dramatic, the right shade of green will bring your kitchen to life, either as your primary cabinetry colour or as a secondary, complementary colour within your kitchen design.

a handmade, bespoke shaker kitchen with soft green painted cabinetry, brass handles and rustic details
The Aylton Kitchen - Ferrara Collection


Grey is the perfect in-between option if you want a bright, open kitchen but don't want crisp white cabinetry, providing a luxurious aesthetic whilst remaining timeless. 

Grey kitchen cabinets help to hide dirt, fingerprints, and dust! While all surfaces will get dirty, grey is an excellent option to include in your cabinets if you want to avoid wiping down the cabinet doors daily (lifesaving!) 

a handmade, bespoke shaker kitchen with dark grey painted cabinetry, antique brass handles and a bespoke island with exposed walnut features
The Edgbaston Kitchen - Bologna Collection


Blue is an excellent neutral hue that can generate a feeling of harmony and balance while also making a striking statement. There are many shades of blue, from light powder blue to deep navy; there is a shade to suit any home and lifestyle, making it a versatile colour choice. 

Blue cabinets can add a pop of colour without being too overwhelming, and they can create a calming atmosphere in the kitchen, making it an ideal colour for those who love spending time cooking or entertaining guests!

a handmade, bespoke modern kitchen with navy blue painted cabinetry, satin nickel handles and push-to-open cabinetry
The Hereford Kitchen - Molveno and Turin Collection

Need some more inspiration? Our Projects Page is full of different kitchen designs! From colour palettes and bespoke details to layouts and larders, we have handcrafted many kitchens and tailored them to our client's lifestyles, ensuring they get the best out of their Minerva kitchen.

Perhaps seeing our cabinetry in person is what you need; our showroom showcases our expert craftsmanship along with our wide range of colours, handles, storage solutions and more! Book your free showroom appointment today, and our expert designers can start bringing your dream kitchen to life!  

Thanks for reading! 

Laura x


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