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a bespoke, handcrafted neutral kitchen painted in a soft brown cabinetry colour


Renowned for clean lines and simplicity. Explore our Shaker collections.


The Shaker kitchen design was originally crafted hundreds of years ago by The Shaker Movement. The Shakers followed a simple way of life and started crafting furniture to reflect their way of living as The Shakers believed that every object in a house should have a purpose. Fast forward to the 21st century the Shaker design has become a timeless classic within kitchen design.


We feature four designs that are all inspired by the Shaker design. Our Ferrara is true to the Shaker way of life, whilst our Bologna features intricate pencil beading to add a touch of elegance, our Tuscany is crafted in solid oak and takes the design back to its roots by featuring the grain, and lastly our Florence features decorative moulding to add a touch of flare.


We love to showcase our projects so you can see real-life kitchens that we've made for our clients. Not only can you see what our different collections look like but you can get inspired by the colour and material combinations. Take a peek at some of our shaker projects below or click the button to look at all of our projects. 


The first step to any Minerva journey starts with a visit to our showroom. Book a private appointment now to meet with one of our designers and discuss all things kitchens! Don't forget to bring your plans and ideas (we want to see them all!)

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