Libraries and studies are an equisite addition to any house. Whether displaying an impressive book collection or getting down to business, Minerva can realise the design aspiration of our clients. Creating a library out of a wide range of quality materials with clever storage spaces offers a space you can relax and savour your pastime.

Alternatively we can create a study with the perfect blend of architecture and utility to impress your clients or induce inspiration.

The images below are from our latest library project.


All of our libraries and studies are bespoke. We will advise to best suit your needs and space. Contact us to discuss your project.


We can create a study with perfect blend of architecture & utility to impress your clients or induce inspiration. Designed exactly to your space & specification, we can build the perfect study haven. Start your project with us today!


Minerva can create a library space anywhere you require. Crafted from glorious hardwoods, or painted to a high finish and to your exact requirments. We can incorporate adjustable shelving, and different shelving levels.


We can craft your furniture in a wide range of materials, either engineered products designed to hold an outstanding paint finish, through to beautiful hardwoods that require only a coat of lacquer to protect and increase their allure.


Storage is a given nesessity in any room in your house, however at Minerva we can design your furniture to both maximise the use of the space availible and display your possessions to their fullest potential. Contact us today!