Interiors & Furniture

When it comes to the home, how your interiors look can be a difficult and stressful aspect of the project. We want you to be absolutely satisfied with your interior design decisions. They bring a sense of yourself to your home, and if chosen right, can make it an idyllic place to be.

Everything we offer at Minerva is fully hand-crafted. Following a personal consultation and inspection of the space, our dedicated designers will create an interactive plan for the finished room. Your interests and the compatibility of the artistic objective with your home will always be in mind. Once approved, our installation team will make the design come to life.

From utilities to furniture, and countertops to flooring, our manufacturers will craft it all. You’ll see that every single part of your finished home will look modern, clean and work precisely as you need it to.

Furniture & Installations

The design choices you make for your home offer an unrivalled chance to combine personal style with practicality. Everything within needs to work flawlessly. Every piece in Minerva’s collection does that, while maintaining flair and structural stability. Even down to the very finest nuances, we make sure that every aspect of the design looks its very best upon completion.

We also include in-built and standalone options when it comes to wardrobes, drawers, kitchen solutions and cabinetry. Our specialists always find a way to maximise storage and practicality. So even if you’ve got a lot to store, with your ideas and passion for your home, we can construct a suitable and tasteful living space.

Finishing Touches

From top to bottom, we at Minerva will handle every single part of your project. This includes the extras you might not have considered. This includes doors, flooring, skirting and detailing, which are important elements that introduce the final flourishes and style to a room.

We take pride in our desire to approach the most ambitious of projects, including  the most intricate and delicate of bespoke work, with care and consideration. Additionally, with everything handled in-house, we at Minerva will always keep you informed on what’s happening and that you are consulted on every single part of the project. It’s how we make sure our clients receive ultimate satisfaction.

Kitchens, bedrooms, studies, bathrooms, and even entrance halls and landings – Minerva can make a significant difference to your home. Completing your project to the highest standards with a focus on style and performance. Whatever the vision for your home, our dedicated team of specialists have the skills to achieve it efficiently and effectively.

Your Perfect Selections of Furniture, Installations and Interior Options Are All Here at Minerva Design – Fulfilled By Our In-House Specialists For Your Peace-of-Mind.