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Interiors & Furniture

When it comes to the home, how your interiors look can be a difficult and stressful aspect of the project. We can craft additional features for your living space, such as wardrobes, dressing and boot rooms with hanging rail drawers and shoe racks. We can also create Libraries and bookshelves, studies and areas for additional storage with utilities. These will all be handmade by our craftsmen within the workshop.

Everything we offer at Minerva is completely bespoke. We will always aim to create with luxury materials and finishes, such as oak for the structure, and hand-painted surfaces.

Following a consultation and inspection of the space, our designers will create an interactive plan for the finished room. Once approved, our installation team will make the design come to life.

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The design choices you make for your home offer a chance to combine personal style with practicality. Every piece in Minerva’s collection does that, whilst maintaining structural stability. We make sure that every aspect of the design looks its very best upon completion.

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Finishing Touches

From the beginning to the end, Minerva will handle every single part of your handmade project. This includes the extras you might not have considered. This includes doors, skirting and detailing, which are important elements that brings additional style to a room.

We always intend to manufacture the most ambitious of projects, including the most intricate of bespoke work. Additionally, with everything handled in-house, Minerva will always keep you informed on what’s happening and that you are consulted on every single part of the project.

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