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The Prior’s Frome Kitchen

Today’s adventure was just down the road from our showroom to a three-story self-build. Obviously with building your own property, a lot of patience is needed, as there is such a long list to be completed before the build is at a stage to even live-in. Let alone start putting all the lovely features in such as a handmade kitchen. However, the importance of a kitchen really dawned on me whilst having a little house tour.

Whilst the house itself is truly incredible and will look amazing when it’s completely finished, the kitchen was one of the first places to be completely done. Simply because, it really is one of the most important places in a home.

Generally speaking, the kitchen is the first room you go to when you wake up to get that much needed cup of coffee and the last room at night. The kitchen is the place for that much needed catch up with friends, the place where you prepare and cook all your meals, where the kids do their homework - it truly is at the heart of your home.

Whilst having a little look around, the kitchen was the last place on the tour and what an amazing space. The kitchen had pride of place on the bottom floor with a large open plan area, including two sets of large doors opening onto the garden that overlooks the calming views of Herefordshire’s countryside.

The kitchen itself was completely unique and carefully planned by the new owners. They had chosen our ‘Bologna’ which you may know is our hybrid – the fusion of contemporary and traditional design perfect for a timeless look.

The Bologna was designed for them with a kitchen island, with the cutest secret cupboard. It was painted in a Goujon Vert green by Fenwick and Tilbury and complimented with natural oak drawers. This contrast was chosen to ‘break it up’ and also show off that it really is a handmade kitchen crafted with natural material. Inside of the larder and counter-top cupboard was a stunning ‘Aubergine’ colour, which our client had used to upcycle other old pieces of furniture. The whole room really came together.

One of the most striking features was a large bronze splashback, that we made, to fit behind the Everhot cooker. Whilst it was certainly a first for our team, it really did add that little something extra to the room. The bronze splashback really worked alongside the ‘Smudgewand’ walls and the dark oak shelving, that the team had also crafted for our clients. It was the perfect balance of lighter and darker tones.

Everyone at Minerva will always remember ‘Smudgewand’. Because of its unique name, and with so many colours it’s very easy to get them mixed up. But since hearing ‘Smudgewand’ I haven’t forgotten it since and don’t think I will ever forget!

After speaking to our client and finding out more about her career and how creative she was, we ended up having a great photoshoot. She was running around finding lots of amazing ornaments and frames to include in the photoshoot. She even taught me a few things about placement (which I was really grateful for!).

After over 400 snaps later (because I’ve learnt that you really can’t get enough photos especially when choosing the final ones!) and losing track of time, I think the photoshoot was a great success! Keep scrolling to take a look at the final selection!

As the garden was currently in the midst of being renovated there was a few shots that I would definitely like to go back and get, once all the work for the garden has been completed! (Yes, you may spot a big yellow digger in some of the photos!)

Safe to say, I really enjoyed my visit. As we are about to go into lockdown 3.0, hopefully it will be lifted soon so I can visit Minerva kitchen No. 4!

Soph x


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