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What To Expect At Your Showroom Appointment

We love seeing so many showroom appointments booked into our calendar, but do you know what happens in your showroom appointment?

Imagine this journal entry as a guide, full of information on what you'll see, what you'll talk about and how you will start the journey of your handmade kitchen! (I may have included a few tips on what you can bring with you!)

How to arrange your appointment

So, the first step is to arrange your private showroom appointment. Booking your showroom appointment is a breeze; you can do it through our website, which will show you all our available dates and times, or you can call the team and arrange your appointment over the phone. It's that easy.

You can always be spontaneous and come down to our showroom without an appointment, but we recommend you book in advance because this guarantees a one-on-one meeting with one of our experienced designers at a time that works best for you!

bespoke kitchen showroom with shaker cabinetry in dark blue and white with brass handles and granite worktops

Showroom Location

This may seem like an obvious thing to take note of, but some people have ended up in the wrong place, and we have guided them to the showroom over the phone (it happens!)

Our showroom used to be based in Stoke Edith, right with our amazing workshops; however, because we are growing and getting more creative, we decided we needed a bigger space to display all of our handmade kitchens, so we relocated our showroom only 3 miles up the road!

Canon Frome is where our stunning showroom is now based, only 3 miles up the road from our workshops which we love because we can still work closely with our experienced workshop team and are still in the local area.

Our address and contact information can be found on the Contact page of our website, but I have included it below in case you want to jot it down now:

The Stables, Lower House Farm

Canon Frome, Ledbury



a red bricked building with large from windows and a grey Minerva business sign on the front and the side of the building

What to expect

When you arrive for your showroom appointment, you will be greeted by one of our in-house designers; they will go over some details with you and then begin the tour of our stunning showroom! Throughout the tour, they will explain the craftsmanship behind each piece of cabinetry, the differences between our eight Collections, and show you our Handmade kitchen features, ranging from corner solutions to drawer inserts.

Once they've shown you all of our display kitchens, you can take a seat at our bespoke dining table and start to discuss your dream kitchen! (We always have tea and coffee available, so get cosy!)

When you start discussing your vision, our designers will ask you various questions; for example, "What is your layout like?" or "Did any of our collections catch your eye?" These questions will let our designers get a feel of your style and aesthetic, and they can start developing a rough idea. To help you visually piece your kitchen together, our designers will pull samples and place them together in a Mood Board, and you can pick out things you like and remove stuff you don't to help narrow down what you are looking for.

We have samples galore in our showroom; we have worktop samples, handles in every shape and finish, flooring samples and paint chips for every colour in our Paint Pallete (that's 40 colours for you to choose from!)

There is no time limit on your showroom appointment; you can stay as long as you need, and when you do head home, you will be full of inspiration and excited to start your handmade kitchen journey with us!

a bespoke, handmade kitchen showroom with shaker cabinetry on display, grey cabinetry blue cabinetry and white cabinetry can be seen with brass and nickel handles and a variety of worktops and exposed wooden beams

What You Could Bring

I did promise some advice on what to bring to your showroom appointment, so here it is!

Our designers love to see your inspiration and ideas, and you may be one step ahead with layout ideas, measurements, floor plans - anything you have related to your kitchen and design, they want to see it!

Some of our clients have brought in magazine clippings of designs they like, colours they want and even pieces of fabric they want their design to flow with. One thing that everyone does and we love to see is a Pinterest board (don't try to deny it, we all have one).

These digital mood boards are great because you can see the rough aesthetic you want at a quick glance, and you can add to it as time goes on. We have a Pinterest account where we frequently post our kitchen projects, business updates, design tips, and weekly journal entries, and people often add our posts to their 'dream kitchen' boards - we love it! You can discover our Pinterest page Here.

A final thing we love seeing our clients bring in is their wishlist. A wishlist is exactly what it sounds like - a list of things you wish to have, and we can make them come true! There can be anything on this list; a pot filler tap? a waterfall wokrtop? Spice racks? Countertop larder? Whatever you have on your wishlist, our designers will work them into your kitchen design and make it look stunning in the process.

design plans laid out with various pictures for inspiration

I hope you have enjoyed this journal entry and I have inspired you to come down to our showroom! If you would like to book a showroom appointment, you can do so on our Showroom page.

If you need inspiration before your appointment, head to our Projects Page, where you can find every kitchen we have ever handmade, all in different colours, layouts and styles!

Thanks for reading!

Laura x


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