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Our Modern Collections

One of our recent blog posts was all about our Shaker collections (which you all loved!), but we understand that classic cabinetry isn't to everyone's taste, so we decided to take you through our Modern collections! With four collections to choose from, we have a modern aesthetic to suit everyone's style, from a flat-panelled, sleek design to a contemporary collection with simple additions.

a handmade, bespoke modern kitchen with navy cabinetry, bespoke features and innovative technology
The Hereford Kitchen - Turin and Molveno Collection


Our Sorrento collection is our newest modern design. We understand that it can be difficult trying to choose between a Shaker and a modern kitchen, so we created a collection that embodies both aesthetics so you can have both designs in one!

The inspiration for this collection was to have a smooth, frameless design (inspired by our Molveno collection) with the addition of minimalistic shaker doors and drawers. This hybrid design is the perfect combination of modern and shaker.

a handmade, bespoke modern kitchen with light grey cabinetry, a walnut island and bespoke kitchen features throughout the design
The Marden Kitchen - Sorrento Collection


Our Molveno collection has all the qualities of a frameless, minimalistic, modern design with the simple addition of handles. 

Handles can influence the overall aesthetic and are a great way to add a touch of character to your kitchen design, as you can choose from various styles and finishes to suit your home. This collection is an excellent choice if you're looking for a sleek, contemporary design with the classic addition of handles.

a handmade, bespoke modern kitchen with dark blue cabinetry, rustic oak handles featuring a stainless steel sink and bespoke detailing throughout the design
The Carey Kitchen - Molveno Collection


The Milan collection features sleek, smooth cabinetry fronts with a minimalistic style. To keep the minimal design flowing throughout the cabinetry, we created recessed handles at the top of the doors and drawers!

With a chamfered edge, these hidden handles are the perfect touch for this modern collection. The visible framework behind the handles (also known as the rail) can add depth and detail to your kitchen and make your design unique to your home, depending on your choice of wood. 

a handmade, bespoke modern kitchen with sleek white cabinetry, ash wood features and a stunning waterfall worktop
The Elgar Kitchen - Milan Collection


Our final modern collection is the Turin; we created this collection to be an authentic contemporary design — sleek, flat-panelled cabinetry with no handles and no framework, keeping the cabinetry lines uncluttered and smooth.

With no handles in sight, how do you open your cabinetry? This design includes an innovative push-to-open mechanism, meaning you press on your cabinetry, and your doors and drawers pop open! And to close them, gently push them back. 

a handmade, bespoke modern kitchen with dark blue cabinetry and innovative push-to-open kitchen cupboards
The Hereford Kitchen - Turin Collection

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about our Modern Collections and that you have found one you love! If you want to see more kitchens handcrafted in our modern designs, head to Our Projects, where you can find them in different colours and layouts!

You can go Behind-the-Scenes and explore Our Process further whilst discovering everything that goes into our Handmade cabinetry. 

Thanks for reading!

Laura x


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