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Shaker or Modern - What's Best For You?

Your kitchen is the centre of your home and can be one of the most social areas, so your personality and taste must shine through your design and be perfect for your lifestyle. Whether your taste is more Shaker or more Modern, we have a variety of designs and styles for you to create your dream kitchen.

I decided to write this blog post to help you find the best style for your bespoke kitchen; with explanations, examples and inspiration, you'll discover whether you prefer a Shaker style or a Modern style kitchen.


The Shaker kitchen design was created hundreds of years ago by The Shaker Movement; The Shakers followed a simple way of life which is reflected in their style of furniture. Our previous blog post, 'Everything You Need To Know About A Shaker Kitchen', contains much more detail on The Shaker's history.

A traditional Shaker-style kitchen embodies simplicity and minimalism; the cabinetry features flat panels with defined lines and edges and little decoration, creating simple designs that people have loved for centuries.

The Shaker kitchen design adds many benefits to your kitchen; for example, the simplicity of Shaker cabinets gives them a timeless design that can transition through the decades. They act as a good canvas for creative hardware choices, and due to their simple design, It takes minimal effort to wipe the cabinets down, and they stay looking clean.

We have 4 different Shaker-inspired collections for you to choose from. We have classic, traditional designs, but we also have a few layouts with unique features to bring a subtle, modern twist into your creation.

Our Ferrara collection is true to the Shaker way of life. A traditional design featuring crisp, uncluttered lines and a simple aesthetic. It is instantly recognisable and a favoured collection with our clients.

A neutral toned shaker kitchen with a simple, minimal design
Ferrara Collection

Our Tuscany collection is crafted in solid oak and takes the design back to its roots by featuring the grain in the woodwork. We use a unique technique to create a prominent grain throughout the design, perfect for those looking to incorporate wooden textures into their home and looking for a homely country-style kitchen.

A pastel green shaker kitchen with natural oak wood and clear grain in the wood
Tuscany Collection

The Bologna collection is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for an elegant shaker design. This collection features intricate pencil beading that outlines the doors and drawers, adding a touch of elegance to the traditional shaker kitchen, making it our most popular collection. We stand by the shaker concept as this added feature keeps the design simple and easy to look after.

A light grey shaker style kitchen
Bologna Collection

Last but certainly not least, we have our Florence collection. The distinctive bolection moulding, a small addition that completely changes the characteristics of the classic shaker, and the Georgian-style cornice mould give our Florence collection its signature flourish.

Light grey shaker style kitchen
Florence Collection


As beautiful and classic as our Shaker collections are, you may be looking for a more Modern style. Our Modern collection is inspired by German kitchens featuring innovative design and storage solutions whilst creating a minimalistic and sleek aesthetic. Modern kitchens are all about efficiency, so they are designed to feature clever solutions and unique technology.

A Modern kitchen can add instant style and sophistication to your home based on the smooth cabinetry and luxurious detailing. We have crafted 3 Modern kitchen collections for you to choose from; each collection has its own unique way of opening and closing its cabinetry.

Our Turin collection doesn't have any frameworks at all, creating sleek minimalistic lines, but the Turin's unique feature is that it also has no handles! We use special push-to-open mechanisms so you can open and close the doors and drawers simply by pressing against the panelling.

White sleek modern style kitchen with push to open cabinetry
Turin Collection

Our Milan collection has a flat-panelled design and frame to support the hidden handles recessed into the top of the doors and drawers; these hidden handles enable you to pull your cabinetry open as you traditionally would but still keep that smooth, sleek, modern aesthetic to the collection.

A teal coloured modern kitchen with wooden accents
Milan Collection

Our final Modern collection is the Molveno. Our Molveno has all the qualities of a frameless, minimalistic modern design, but instead of hidden handles or push-to-open mechanisms, it has handles. Handles can influence the overall aesthetic and are a great way to add a touch of character to your kitchen design. A great starting point if you're looking for a sleek design with the simple addition of a handle.

a deep blue modern kitchen with oak handles and shelving
Molveno Collection

After reading this blog, I hope you have a clearer understanding of our Shaker and Modern collections and now know what style is best for you!

If you want to explore our collections further and gain more inspiration, we have a Projects page full of various kitchens we have designed over the years.

Or, if you would like to come and see all of our collections in person, you can arrange a private showroom appointment Here, and one of our experienced designers will take you through our Process.

I hope you have enjoyed this week's blog and are already excited about what's to come next week!



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