The Minerva Journey

Matthew Cruse and Joshua Arkell, directors and founders of Minerva of Hereford have been friends a long time, Josh once Matt’s apprentice now runs several jobs at once through their manufacturing facilities. With an accumulated knowledge of more than 25 years between them in the trade they knew it was time to start something that belonged to them.

Dedication, long hours and reinvesting into the company has allowed the two to form one of the fastest growing companies in the area. However regardless of their endless drive for success they knew some things are not to be rushed. Customer service, going above and beyond and quality that shines past the competition are most important elements to building their sustainable business, get those right and everything else will fall into place (or something like that!)

Both experienced craftsmen still look forward to learning new skills as well as finding new people with different and interesting qualities. As Minerva grows and they build a sustainable company with a steadfast team behind them they aim to take on new and interesting challenges, expanding their reach into London and major cities throughout the UK, also introducing new and exiting materials and designs into their kitchens and furniture.

The Showroom

Contained within their factory Minerva have installed their showroom; a design and inspiration haven for clients to gather ideas from what Minerva can offer them. We have on display a range of kitchens we can produce as standard designs, as well as a range of samples to displace further options.

The showroom stretches the length of the workshops, so clients have the opportunity to view the faculties and their team at work creating other projects from the safety of their showroom.

Minerva also have a range of sinks and taps, appliances and storage options on display as well as work surfaces, lighting and interior finishes; everything any potential client may need to consider for their own spaces.

Minerva Design Service

Minerva offer a full design service, we can work closely with a clients interior designers or architect, or supply our own. Otherwise Minerva have an in house design team who can transform any space into a dream kitchen.

Their leading 3D software can render any plan into reality offering potential clients an accurate idea of the potential of their space. This stage also eliminates problems further down the line as each client knows what to expect from their finished Minerva furniture.

Our designers will collect samples of finishes, ironmongery and materials; paint charts, 3D and 2D plans and arrange design consultations with their clients to finalise each detail of the project before ending the commission to their craftsmen to hand make each commission.



Finished Product