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2024 Kitchen Trends

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and for good reason! We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it's no wonder they have such a big impact on our moods and our homes. At the beginning of every year, we all sit back and think about our New Year's resolutions, and the majority of us decide that it's time to renovate and redecorate our homes!

With the kitchen being the heart of the home, it's always the first room to come to mind when redesigning your home, so here are some 2024 kitchen trends you may want to consider for your handmade, bespoke kitchen!

a beautiful, handmade shaker kitchen painted in a soft green colour with satin brass handles, the perfect country kitchen
The Aylton Kitchen

Earthy Colours

2023 was the era of white, minimalistic kitchens, but the prediction for 2024 involves warm, earthy colour palettes that soothe our senses. This ranges from creamy whites to dark forest greens. 

Earthy-toned kitchens are inspired by the natural colours found in nature, a combination that helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere in one of the most important spaces of your home. These neutral tones not only create a serene environment but can also create a timeless kitchen design, and they complement natural textures beautifully, such as exposed wood and natural stone.

You can find lots of inspiration for a warm, neutral kitchen design in our Paint Palette. With 40 colours to choose from, we are confident you will find your perfect shade. 

a handmade, bespoke shaker kitchen painted in a neutral cabinetry colour and features many bespoke details
The Caynham Kitchen

Exposed Wood

Colour can provide a space with personality and charm, but natural materials can give a space a feeling of texture and depth. Exposed wood has been predicted to be a popular kitchen feature in 2024, and we can see why! This unique feature looks beautiful among kitchen cabinetry, and there are many ways you can include this design aspect into your kitchen.

Wooden features in a kitchen can vary from small details, such as a cutlery insert, to beautiful statement pieces, like exposed drawer fronts! We work with various wooden materials and can offer three types of wood to include in your bespoke kitchen design. Ash, Oak and Walnut are our main types of wood, each varying in colour and finish, but each leaves a stunning aesthetic in every kitchen we craft. 

a handmade, bespoke shaker kitchen painted in a dark green cabinetry colour with aged brass handles and bespoke oak drawers
The Prior Frome Kitchen

Integrated Lighting

Kitchen lighting is shifting away from bold statement pendant lights over kitchen islands and dining areas to welcoming integrated cabinetry lighting! This new lighting style creates a functional and aesthetic illumination. Still, it's concealed, so where the light comes from feels like a mystery, something that will catch your guest's attention and draw them into your bespoke kitchen.

Our LED spotlights and strip lights can be integrated into the base of your wall cabinetry, in the base of your open shelving or in the top of your larder, creating stunning lighting features that illuminate your handmade kitchen cabinetry. This is one of our most popular kitchen features and can be found throughout our kitchen Projects.

bespoke oak shelving with integrated LED lighting
The Caynham Kitchen

Warm Hardware

Warm-toned hardware is predicted to be favoured for 2024 kitchen designs, and we can't wait to see more of these beautiful details! Your kitchen hardware is all the metal finishes in your kitchen, from cabinetry handles to your kitchen tap. 

Achieving the 'warm hardware' aesthetic depends on the finish of your metals; this is the type of material and style you choose. The best materials for this desired style would be Brass, Bronze and Gold, available in various finishes, from Classic Aged to Brushed Satin.

These details look great against both light and dark hues of wood and can make your kitchen feel fresh and new in no time! In need of some inspiration? Head over to Our Projects and discover our wide variety of kitchen designs!

handmade, bespoke shaker kitchen painted in a cream cabinetry colour and paired with aged brass handles
The Putley Common Kitchen

We can't wait to start designing and crafting our 2024 kitchens! You can book your private showroom appointment Here and start planning your dream kitchen with our experienced design team. 

Thanks for reading! 



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