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How To Create a Minimalistic Kitchen

We are all familiar with the phrase 'less is more', and it's been a popular mantra for architects and interior designers for the past few years, starting the wave of simple, minimalistic kitchen design...but where did this phrase come from?

It all started when the 'minimalist' style was developed and espoused by renowned architect Mies van der Rohe, whose famous aphorism was 'Less is more', in 1930 at the Bauhaus School of Art and Design in Germany, over 90 years ago! The minimalistic kitchen trend took off in the '60s when contemporary living became popular, nearly 30 years after the design was invented, and it is now of the most popular kitchen designs of this century.

Minimalistic kitchens are here to stay, but what are they? And how can we achieve this look? Keep reading to find out!

What is a minimalistic kitchen?

Minimalist kitchens are rooted in ridding this multi-functional space of unnecessary clutter. It is also about harnessing the power of a 'clean' kitchen that features only a few meaningful, cherished items that spark joy and a simple colour palette to go with it. This design philosophy also centres around a sustainable, practical and more efficient way of living.

This is why modern kitchen designs and a minimalistic aesthetic are often paired together; the sleek, contemporary cabinetry compliments the clean mindest perfectly. However, some people can make the mistake of clearing their kitchen and removing all colour, being left with a stark, cold kitchen (no one wants that)

We have included some design tips below to help you create your ideal minimalistic kitchen. Some are simple, and everyone can do them; others are significant design changes, ideal for those wanting to do a complete makeover!


Your first step to a simple kitchen is to get rid of the clutter, so look at the small appliances, fruit bowls and other decorative pitchers that reside in your kitchen and see which ones you don't need anymore and which you can put away.

Concealing your functional elements, such as appliances, helps create that clean, simple aesthetic for your kitchen space. Our Countertop Cupboards are the perfect solution! As popular and as useful as a larder, the countertop cupboard gives you the flexibility of storage and preparation space. It's great for coffee machines, toasters and kettles - everything for breakfast in one place!

a neutral kitchen design with a countertop cupboard with bi-folding doors and wooden accessories


To maintain a clutter-free kitchen, designate drawers for silverware and cookware. Store plates, containers, and small appliances in cabinets and larger, less-used appliances and food in closets or on shelves.

We have a selection of storage solutions to help you maintain your organisation; we have various pull-out systems for those pesky corner cupboards, cutlery inserts for all your drawers, peg drawers to keep all your large crockery where they are supposed to be, and our innovative tech drawer for all your electrics!

a neutral kitchen with a corner pull-out system filled with steel pots and pans

Colour Scheme

Minimalistic kitchens promote neutral colour palettes to create that simple, relaxed feeling. A neutral colour palette ranges depending on what underlying hue you are after, but they mainly consist of beige, taupe, grey, cream, brown, black, and white, so the combinations are endless!

Although neutral colours are favoured for minimal kitchens, feel free to include a pop of colour! Our designers will create the perfect palette for you and will suggest creative ways to include colour without overpowering your neutral aesthetic; for example, you can paint the inside of your cabinetry to incorporate some colour. This way, you keep your calm, neutral kitchen image but with a fun design feature hidden away!

We have over 40 different colours for you to choose from, head over to our Paint Palette for some colourful inspiration!

a neutral cabinetry run with brass handles

Sleek Cabinetry

Now this is for those looking to change the entire look of their kitchen. Sleek cabinetry is adored for minimal kitchens. It promotes the clean, simple look associated with the aesthetic; this cabinetry usually falls within contemporary designs.

Shaker cabinetry is generally straightforward but usually has some form of detail, whereas modern cabinetry is kept smooth and stylish. Our Turin range would be the perfect collection for a minimalistic design, no frameworks are visible, and there are no handles! It's designed with push-to-open mechanisms to keep the cabinetry minimal.

a white corner kitchen with sleek, push-to-open cabinetry

Simple Features

A minimalistic kitchen still deserves some innovative features. LED lighting is a fun element to incorporate into your design, you can have them as spotlights or strips, but either form is just as fun. The lighting element allows you to create focal points in your space without being super obvious, and it can soften your design.

open shelving made with walnut wood for the dark, luxurious look. With integrated LED strip lighting

Last week's blog post spoke about Mood Boards and their benefits when re-designing a space; creating a minimalistic mood board would be a fun way to get design ideas for your minimal kitchen. Our Journal is full of various blog posts, ranging from design inspirations to business updates; head on over and see what you're missing out on!

If you need further inspiration, then head over to our Projects page, where you can find all of our previous designs!

Thanks for reading!



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