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Kitchen Drawer Storage Solutions

Not only should your kitchen be beautiful, but it should also be functional and complement your lifestyle. Over the past few months, kitchen drawers have become increasingly popular, and in our most recent designs, we have noticed people opting for drawers over cupboards. 

There are pros and cons to drawers and cupboards, and the choice will always be down to personal preference. Not only do drawers offer additional storage and better accessibility, but they also provide a cleaner aesthetic—and who doesn't love a seamless blend of form and function? 

a handmade, bespoke shaker kitchen with navy cabinetry, brass handles and rustic features
The Stoney Cross Kitchen


One of our standout kitchen features is our custom cutlery inserts. This unique addition to your drawers allows easy access to all your cutlery while maintaining a neat and organised space. Our handcrafted cabinetry ensures a perfect fit for your cutlery inserts, and we can even create a dedicated compartment for your favourite spatula!  

a handcrafted, bespoke shaker kitchen with soft grey cabinetry and satin nickel handles
The Church View Kitchen

Alongside our cutlery inserts, we also craft knife-block inserts. These inserts not only keep your worktops clear of knife blocks but also ensure all your knives are stored safely and neatly.

a handmade, bespoke shaker kitchen with vibrant green cabinetry, oak features and a knife-block insert
The Crickhowell Kitchen

Drawer Pegs

Our deep pan drawers are a versatile and essential item in all of our kitchen designs, offering easy storage for your pots, pans, and large pieces of crockery. For the ultimate crockery organisation, we've designed adjustable drawer pegs! This innovative feature allows you to store everything away perfectly, eliminating the worry of clattering or chipping!

a handcrafted, shaker kitchen with soft green cabinetry, antique brass handles and a bespoke oak peg drawer
The Walwyn Kitchen

Veg Boxes

Most vegetables stay fresh for longer when stored in a cool or room-temperature location; our handcrafted veg boxes create the perfect environment for your fruit and veg, and whilst cooking, you can quickly grab whatever ingredient you need! 

a handmade, bespoke shaker kitchen with vibrant green cabinetry and bespoke oak veg boxes
The Crickhowell Kitchen

You can discover all of our handcrafted features on our Handmade page, and if you're looking for some more kitchen inspiration, head over to Our Projects page, where you can see all of these kitchen drawer storage solutions in various colours and styles! 

Thanks for reading! 

Laura x


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