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Our Colours For 2023

Colour choice is essential when designing your bespoke kitchen, so we have created a broad Paint Palette containing over 40 different colours to ensure that your desired shade can be found and brought to life. When considering what colour to have your cabinetry, a good question to ask is, "what style and ambience do I want to achieve?".

Multiple factors affect how colours appear to the eye, including light sources, other colours within the room, material, and the finish's sheen; this is why we offer a bespoke colour-matching service, and we have painted wooden samples of all our colours for when you visit our showroom so you can take your chosen colour home and see what it is like in your space.

40 cabinetry colours are still quite a lot to choose from, so to help inspire you, we have researched and predicted the most popular Kitchen colours for 2023 and included a few of our favourites.

The 'Pantone Colour institute' is recognised globally as a leading source of colour expertise, and their yearly colour announcements are becoming increasingly popular! The colour they have chosen for 2023 is "Viva Magenta." This colour is stunning with its deep, rich red tone inspired by nature's most precious dye and one of the strongest and brightest the world has ever known.

Deep Red Silk Sheet
Pantone 2023 Colour - 'Viva Magenta'

Amongst our 40 cabinetry colours, we offer three gorgeous red tones that would undoubtedly turn your bespoke kitchen into a warm, inviting place for your family and friends. Our old showroom housed a bespoke, mottled kitchen featuring two tones from our Red collection and is the perfect example of how you can create a statement kitchen. What do you think?...

Deep Red Mottled Kitchen with black worktops and brass handles
deep red mottled kitchen cabinet with glass panelled cupboard, black worktop and brass handles

As beautiful as Red can be, the interior design industry has included a variety of other colour choices that will decorate our kitchens in 2023.


Green was a popular colour for 2022, and it's staying that way! Green can be a refreshing, calming and invigorating colour, making it the perfect choice for the hardest working room in the home. Its connection to earthy tones makes it an ideal colour combination with natural textures; Our Prior Frome Kitchen shows this combination perfectly with its exposed draw fronts and stunning paint selected from 'Fenwick and Tilbrook' in the shade "Goujon Vert". We can see why green kitchens are still a favourite!


White has always been and will stay a classic kitchen colour; it has a fresh, clean look that is timeless. White kitchens are a favourite for interior designers as they work with any colour or pattern and create a light, open space regardless of the available lighting. Our Bidford-on-Avon kitchen was decorated in our shade 'Invictus 090' and is the perfect example of how a white kitchen can look elegant with clean lines, soft colours and delicate handles.


Blue is a calming colour that many families welcome into their kitchen designs to bring some tranquillity into their modern lives. Blue is available in many shades, ranging from a soft blue to deep, rich navy. Each blue kitchen creates a unique look in many ways, either with a subtle colour throughout the room or with a gorgeous statement piece. Our Donnington kitchen has the perfect statement island in our colour Fortuna 380.

You can view our entire colour range in our Paint Pallete section and we have plenty more inspiration for your designs on our Projects Page, where we feature all of our client's projects.

If you prefer a designer's view of your project, you can view our new Showroom, where our in-house designers will be happy to help and work with you along your journey, making each decision as seamless as possible.

I hope you have enjoyed today's read and feel inspired by these beautiful colours!

Thanks for reading,



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