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Understand Your Cabinetry Carcass

Here at Minerva, we craft our cabinetry from a range of materials. Each material offers different properties depending on the requirements of our projects, and each piece of cabinetry we craft has a distinct feel, look and character; this is because only we design, craft and provide each part of our cabinetry, making it entirely unique.

To help you understand your kitchen cabinetry better, I have decided to break down the structure of our cabinetry into its four key elements: the carcass, the frame, the drawers and the doors.

It only seemed fitting to start this blog series with the first element of our cabinetry— The Carcass.

grey island with no worktop so you can see the inside framework

The backbone of every cabinet we craft is the carcass. Crafted from Veneered MDF and 19mm thick, our carcasses are solid and sturdy as they are the main structure supporting all other components, including some seriously heavy worktops!

Even though the carcass is rarely seen, we can paint the carcass for feature cabinets such as Larders and countertop cupboards for a real wow effect and it creates an authentic, bespoke finish,

Ash is the starting point for a Minerva carcass. Ash is our lighter-coloured hardwood option with a smooth, straight-grain and standard lacquer finish. Due to its beige-to-light-brown colour, this hardwood option is a desirable finish for any kitchen design that wants a bright, open feel.

an ash wood carcass of some kitchen cabinetry

If you don't think Ash hardwood is right for your cabinetry, you can upgrade to our Oak hardwood finish. Our Oak hardwood finish has the option of our standard lacquer or a natural wood lacquer; the standard lacquer emphasises the golden hue we all associate and love with Oak wood; however, the natural wood lacquer highlights the natural beauty of raw, unfinished Oak.

an oak carcass of some kitchen cabinetry

Your third hardwood option is our Black American Walnut, a rich, sumptuous chocolate-coloured hardwood that oozes luxury. We only offer the standard lacquer finish for this hardwood because that is all that's required to protect and bring to life the natural depth of colour this hardwood has to offer.

a selection of wood on display, oak not he left, walnut in the middle and ash on the right

Our hardwood options are all 0.5mm veneers bonded to an MDF board for durability and stability.

I hope this week's blog has given you a more in-depth understanding of How We Work; We have plenty of examples of our bespoke cabinetry on our Projects page to inspire your dream kitchen further!

The following blog for the 'Understanding Your Cabinetry' series will be looking at our cabinetry framework in more detail; all of our blog posts are in Our Journal, so you never have to worry about missing out!

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