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Why Bespoke Is Better

It is widely considered that the kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the most used rooms in your house. It is a space where you spend time with your family and friends; from breakfast in the morning to hosting a party in the evening, it is a social area in your home, so you want this room to be a place you love and represents your lifestyle.

Bespoke kitchens are becoming more popular with homeowners who want to create a one-of-a-kind design that reflects their personality and lifestyle; rather than settling for an 'off-the-shelf' format that doesn't quite meet their expectations.

Let's take a look at a few reasons why you should invest in a bespoke kitchen and use custom joinery to create the kitchen of your dreams:


Our highly experienced joiners and carpenters handcraft all of our kitchens on-site using high-quality, sustainable materials that are sourced from our local supplier in Pontrialis. We use traditional techniques to ensure our kitchens are built to last; For example, all of our drawer boxes are pieced together with dovetail joints, ensuring longevity and strength in our drawers.

white kitchen draws with clear dovetailing

A considerable benefit of bespoke kitchens is that we can fit our kitchens to your layout, not the other way around. "Off-the-shelf" kitchens come in a 'one size fits all' attitude with the potential to have slightly bigger or smaller cupboards, so you end up having odd gaps and stiff doors that don't do your kitchen justice; our kitchens are created to the exact millimetre of your layout, ensuring there is no wasted space in your home. Wonky walls and complicated corners are a thing of the past with our highly knowledgeable designers. We can include all the quirks of your home and design a genuinely authentic kitchen.

light green kitchen with bespoke cabinetry around wooden beams


When designing a handcrafted kitchen, it is clear from the start that you have a wider choice of colours, finishes and materials than your generic kitchen designs.

Our bespoke kitchens are crafted to suit your creative and practical needs on a personal level. We have created a Paint Palette of 40 different colours for you to choose from, and we have 3 different types of wood to base your layout on; Ash, Oak and Walnut. You also have much more control over your project, allowing you the freedom to create the kitchen of your dreams with the guidance of our highly skilled, in-house designers.

Our designers have created a few extra details that combine practicality with creativity perfectly, allowing you to make your kitchen even more special. We have integrated our chopping boards into our cabinetry, allowing extra countertop and cupboard space whilst also adding a unique feature to your kitchen!

Handmade for coffee lovers or keeping all that cutlery in its place, our bespoke draw inserts are a lovely little detail to add to your design; we also have knife blocks that fit into your draw to keep them organised and secure.

a draw insert designed for knives to sit in
a draw insert designed to organise cutlery

Our custom larders are a popular feature within our kitchens, especially with our built-in spice racks, but for the smaller homes, we have thin, pull-out draws that can be designed as spice racks or as somewhere to hang up your teatowels!

a slim pull out spice rack
a slim pull out towel rack


Your experience when choosing and designing your kitchen is a huge part of the process. You want to feel like your ideas, needs, and wants are being heard and met; You want to feel happy with the final design. When you choose a bespoke kitchen for your home, you are provided with a tailored service by a specialised team, and you also have ongoing support after the project is finished.

Here at Minerva, the first step we take when crafting a kitchen is to have one of our experienced designers sit down with you in a private appointment where you can discuss your ideas and visions, and they will help you bring this to life. They may even make suggestions, such asfic features or layouts that would benefit you and your lifestyle or what materials and colours would go best for you; whatever they suggest, you always have control over your project and the final say on every design detail.

black and white design plans of a bespoke kitchen

After the initial design process, the plans get passed onto our skilled craftsmen, who will begin creating your cabinetry. Our craftsmen are experts in their field and take pride in their work, their extensive knowledge is used at every stage of our process, and their passion for their work is expressed in every piece of cabinetry. Once your kitchen has been created, our team will come out and fit it into your home; this service removes the stress of putting your kitchen together yourself, or as I call it, "Flatpack Frustration." it allows you to enjoy the process of seeing your kitchen come to life.

One final touch we have that completes your experience with us involves you receiving our 'Care and Maintenance Guide.' This guide explains how, with the correct care and consideration, you can make your cabinetry stand strong for much longer than our standard guarantee of 15 years whilst keeping your kitchen sparkly new.

From general 'do's and don'ts' for your kitchen to maintaining hinges, taps and everything else, our guide will provide you with everything you need and with our 15-year guarantee, we are always here if there are ever any little niggles that need straightening out.

If this post has inspired you to learn more about how we craft our kitchens, we have dedicated pages on our website explaining How We Work, our Design Service and a Handmade section about our cabinetry.

I hope you have enjoyed today's read!



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