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Our Process

Here at Minerva, we pride ourselves on developing friendly yet professional relationships with our clients. We strive to work with them every step of the way in order to achieve the bespoke living space they’ve always dreamt of.

Minerva wish to maintain a friendly yet professional relationship with our clientele. This gives us the opportunity to work side-by-side with them throughout the journey to create their bespoke kitchen.

Client Inquiry & First Meeting

If you would like to send an inquiry to us, we have a few methods to help you: You can send a form with your name, email address and phone number. Additionally, we can send you one of our brochures, which display our range of kitchens and interiors, or you can give us a call during our work hours of 8:30 – 17:00 from Monday to Friday. To visit us on weekends, please book an appointment via email or by telephone.

From the first initial enquiry, through to the polishing of the finished product, we at Minerva Design aim to excel in customer service and experience. Therefore, we’ll arrange with you to come and visit our showroom for the first face-to-face meeting, so we can discuss the initial consultation of the potential design and any additional requirements that you desire.

Our showroom contains some of our designs, so you can see first-hand the standard of quality we seek to maintain throughout every project we undertake. We’re located near Stoke Edith inside the business park, Hereford, HR1 4HG.

handmade, craftsmanship, kitchen, bespoke, luxury, traditional, modern, Italian, shaker, design, countertop cabinet, larder, island, appliances, Showroom, Turin

The Design Stage

Should we receive confirmation to proceed, we will then makes plans towards the next step. The pre-manufacture stages are the most important; meetings, plans and 2D/3D drawings are required to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding what the client wants and what we are able to make.

During these meetings, samples will be used to demonstrate finishes and materials. Colour charts, work surfaces, storage options, materials and design will all be discussed, as well as other trades required and project management. All details will be decided and a final quotation will be raised for the complete project to the finalised specification.

Delivering An Estimate

After understanding what the job specification is and what is required, our next step is to offer an estimate. We then step back and let any potential client have time to compare and consider the cost of the project. We may offer a courtesy call if months have passed, otherwise it’s to your own discretion.

handmade, craftsmanship, kitchen, bespoke, luxury
handmade, craftsmanship, kitchen, bespoke, luxury, traditional, modern, Italian, shaker
bespoke, luxury, kitchen, handmade, craftsmanship, rustic, worktops, appliances

Fitting Confirmation Dates & Manufacturing Stage

An approximate date for manufacturing will be offered on confirmation from the client and work will be scheduled in, materials bought and trades booked. At this stage we will ask for a minimum deposit of 10%.

We must preface that the process of creating a handmade kitchen is meticulous and requires great attention to detail. We believe that they cannot be rushed, which means that we may not meet the standard that we set for ourselves, and what the customer requires and deserves. As we head towards the approximate date, we will be able to offer a more accurate timeframe that are preferable for everyone, and final preparations can be made.

The Fitting Of The Kitchen

During the process of fitting your new kitchen, we will use our own specialised fitters, so no subcontractors will be used. In addition to this, during your visits to our showroom, you will be able to meet our craftsmen in the workshop. 

For worktop materials such as marble, granite and quartz, they will be installed approximately 7 days after the kitchen units have been installed. This is to allow for the time for specialists to template and cut your worktop to fit your kitchen to perfection.

The Completion & Warranty

After all the work has been completed, the project will be signed off by the client.  Soon after, we will provide you with an information pack for your new kitchen. This will provide you with details on our 15 year warranty, which covers the cabinetry and joinery.

Throughout this process, we will build a working relationship that we aim to continue into the future.

We enjoy knowing that all of our clients can always rely on us to look after their investment for years to come.

If you would like to discuss a potential a new interior design project in your home, give Minerva’s team of professional kitchen and furniture designers and installers a call on 01432 890602 or fill out our online form, to arrange a no-obligation visit.