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A Minerva Kitchen: The Blueprint

Minerva will design and craft the perfect space for you and your family. We believe that the kitchen is an area for entertaining friends and family, and a room to spend many fruitful hours creating culinary delights.

The craftsmanship and practicality of Herefordshire are some of the traits that we combine with the Italians passionate love for food and family. At the core of our kitchens lie these values.

Our Passion for Bespoke

Minerva thrive on creating bespoke kitchens & furniture to our clients specification. We use a blend of traditional skills and modern technology to ensure every product we make is of the highest quality.

Regardless of design, whether it be a traditional framed shaker or contemporary and innovative, crafting handmade designs allows us to use exciting new materials for each carcass, drawer and door.

These are hand-made by our craftsmen to suit the space and requirements of our clientele. Our experience and consistent product research allows us to offer clients the most efficient and quality materials available to ensure their long-term investment is worthwhile long into the future.